Welcome to Patrick's Homepage

Updating the website again. Let's see what all we can get on here for fun :)

The photo gallery is up again and is all automatic as far as the re-sizing. (I had to set the thumbs all by hand before.)

I have even added a chat section.


As I said before this new web site will be a "family" website. BUT the family extends out to close friends of the Bellue family (Foley, Hemstad, etc) ANYONE closely related to the Bellue Family tree. I want  pictures to post. New pictures old pictures. I want news, important dates etc. Please send news and photos to family@bellue.com. (there is a link at the bottom of the page) Also there is a new "Forum" section that I would like everyone to register at: www.bellue.com/forums . What is a forum you ask? Well see for yourself or visit http://www.phpbb.com/ for more information. This is an additional location where we can chat and such. I will have a calendar on there to include birthdays and anniversaries and such.  I also plan on posting a family tree. I would appreciate positive participation in this.